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Total Health Care Solutions are based in Nottingham and provide health care services throughout the East Midlands. We are specialists in health care and recruitment of care professionals. We have a great reputation in recruiting and providing the best staff both for short and long term contracts. Our high quality, bespoke care services are delivered to adults, children and young people with varying conditions including personal healthcare, learning disabilities and mental health requirements. We operate throughout the Midlands in NHS hospitals, nursing homes as well as delivering care to private clients in their own homes.


Unlike many other care providers, Total Healthcare Solutions is a family run business managed by experienced healthcare professionals.


Total Healthcare Solutions provides high quality Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and other healthcare professionals to both the NHS and private sector including private hospitals, care homes and home care. Led by highly qualified ........


For the past 8 years we have been providing outstanding nurse led care at home and highly trained healthcare professionals to the private and public sectors.


Our offices are normally open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Aside from this, we operate an out-of-hours emergency service which is manned from 7am to 10pm.

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